About Us

Although surgical care is becoming more complex and specialized, the majority of the surgical episode of care occurs outside of the hospital setting, without direct, immediate access to a provider. Prior to surgery, patients are sent home with difficult to understand instructions and little support on how to prepare for surgery. After surgery, patients are sent home with instructions to ensure proper recovery. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system does not incentivize effective communication between provider and patient outside the provider’s office.

We have identified these pre and post surgery time periods as critical “surgical black holes” that often result in poor patient satisfaction, increased infection rates, too many cancelled surgeries, less than optimal surgical outcomes, and unacceptably high readmission numbers.

Synced Care aims to improve patient preparation, satisfaction, and health outcomes, and thereby reduce readmission rates, by synchronizing the surgical care experience using integrated mobile technology to deliver and implement best practices for the entire surgical episode of care in a personalized and patient-centric experience.